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[Jacob Haap]

Greetings fellow humans! My name is Jacob, a 20-year-old American emigrant living in Berlin, Germany. I'm a software architect specializing in Web3 & Blockchain, and CEO of my startup, Anomaly Science. I'm an enjoyer of all things tech, an aviation enthusiast, a PC gamer, a traveler, and an Indie music listener.


I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a unique upbringing. During my childhood, I experienced several different kinds of education, attending a Waldorf school in my early years, moving to a Montessori school at age 10, then being in Catholic and Jesuit education from age 12 to 16. This education journey, combined with my parents bringing me and my brother traveling and parenting with the idea that we should grow up to become better than them, helped shape me into a naturally curious and self-determined person. When I was 17, I switched to remote learning and worked to graduate High School a semester early to give myself an opportunity for self-exploration. Shortly after turning 18, I moved to San Mateo, California, for a summer to attend Draper University's Hero Training program. At Draper University, I decided to drop out of the degree program I previously enrolled in and pursue my startup full-time. Through what I learned at Draper University, I grew a lot as a person and gained the will and the means to take my company further and find a place I would feel most happy to live. I took six weeks to travel across Europe from Dublin to Tallinn that fall, and along the way fell in love with Berlin, Germany, and knew that was where I needed to be. In January 2022, I packed up and left the United States for my relocation to Germany, where I have lived ever since. Since living in Berlin, I have continued to grow as a person and made significant progress with my startup. Still, most importantly, I've had the chance to get to know some truly unique people from many different backgrounds, and I feel I have the support I need to make a real impact on the world. One thing that matters most to me in life is to be remembered when I'm gone, and I'm hopeful that my journey so far will make this possible.


The current time is...

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 11:54:41 AM

Jacob Standard Time (JCST) // UTC0

Jacob Standard Time is a system of timekeeping I created, that is UTC+/- whatever I feel like. This system was developed so that I could feel better about maintaining a bad sleep schedule, by adjusting the time zone so I could always go to bed at a reasonable time. The time changes are highly unpredictable and individuals are strongly discouraged from using it.


Here is some additional information about my interests and fun facts about myself!

  • Height: 200cm;
  • Hair Color: Black;
  • Eye Color: Brown;
  • DOB: 17 April 2003;
  • Y-DNA Haplogroup: R1b1a;
  • M-DNA Haplogroup: L1c2a;


If you'd like to contact me or see what I'm up to, I'm on several different platforms and am reachable in a few ways. When in doubt, my username on almost every platform I'm a part of is @jacobhaap. My preferred/most frequented accounts are below, with email typically the best way to reach me.