About Me

I'm a 17-year-old High School student from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a homeschooled High School Senior, dual enrolled at Cincinnati State. I view myself as a creative visionary, striving to build the world I want to live in. I am a strong believer in being the change you want to see in the world, and that is what I plan to do with my life.

I first started to teach myself to code in 5th grade, where I learned how to build Minecraft Mods. While much of what I learned and made is now lost to time, what sticks with me is a burning desire to create. In the world of technology, you gain the ability to create things in an almost godlike sense.

In my high school years, I spent time exploring different ways to create things. During my freshman year, this mostly consisted of going to my old school's Makerspace. Moving into my Sophomore year the focus turned to hackathons. I attended many events, traveling around the country, and continued it through my Junior year.

    Here are the hackathons/conferences I have attended:
  • CincyHacks 2017
  • TechOlympics 2018
  • Hack Chicago
  • CincyHacks 2018
  • TechOlympics 2019
  • Los Altos Hacks IV
  • Flagship Summit
  • Hack Cincinnati
  • CincyHacks 2020
  • TechOlympics 2020
    • Here are the events I have hosted & helped plan:
  • CodeDay Ohio
  • AngelHacks
  • Hack the New Year
  • EcoHacks

  • In my free time, I enjoy working on projects, playing games, and other things I find fun. My favorite game is No Man's Sky, my favorite band is Arcade Fire, I'm a novice Swedish speaker, and I like collecting plush sharks from IKEA.


      Volunteer Experience:
  • Cincinnati Hack Club Leader
  • AngelHacks Advisor
  • Hack the New Year Director
  • EcoHacks Director
    • Professional Experience:
  • Chief Executive Officer at Parrot Tech
  • Board Chairman of Different Human Inc.
  • Projects

      Sneks! Sneks! Sneks!
  • Sneks is an ongoing project where I showcase drawings of snakes I made. This started as a random drawing I made one night when I had nothing to do, then a few months later when I was sick stuck at home for a while, I revisited it and brought new life to it. While it may just be a silly drawing, I find a lot of joy through it because I have fun creating them, and I get to explore different art styles when I make more. This also serves as inspiration for a lot of my other creative work.
  • Snek Gallery: sneks.co
    • The HPN3P
  • The HPN3P is another ongoing project I have. With this project, I am attempting to make a design for a hydrogen-powered aircraft. While I have little knowledge of aerospace engineering, I want to use this as my way to gain new knowledge in the subject area, and maybe design a functional model in the future
  • Source: github.com/jacobhaap/HPN3P
  • More projects can be viewed at my GitHub, github.com/jacobhaap!


    I really enjoy traveling. Here you can find my current travel map. It's not a lot, but I want to add as many places as I can. My air travel can be viewed at myFlightradar24. My favorite place I've visited is Munich, and my favorite aircraft (although I've never been on one), is the Boeing 787.

    I am a proud Android user!

    I'm gonna put an art gallery here soon.

    This is basically just random thoughts here